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On top of all the hassles of a traffic accident, report an accident can be a time-consuming task, and more annoying than the accident itself. This is especially so since 2008, when all the insurers on Singapore split into 2 groups on where their insured should go for reporting an accident.

Prior to that, insured can go to a centralized reporting centre IDAC for accident reporting. However in 2008, almost half of the 29 insurance companies in Singapore break away from IDAC and decided to go their own way on how & where their insured should go for their reporting. That leads to a lot of confusion among motorists. In 2009, things got worse when General Insurance Association of Singapore (G.I.A.) pass the ruling that all accident must be reported within 24 hours or insured will have their NCD penalized irregardless whose at liability. As such, many motorists run all over Singapore looking for their insurance company’s reporting centre.

We have complied a breakdown list of current (12 Jan 2011) for all the reporting centres of respective insurance companies. As we have constant update from sources, we will update here if there are any changes.

IDAC – Independent Damage Assessment Centre

  1. Federal
  2. Liberty Insurance
  3. NTUC Income
  4. TM Asia
  5. First Capital Insurance
  6. Mitsui Sumitomo
  7. Royal & Sun Alliance
  8. HSBC Insurance
  9. MSIG
  10. Sompo Japan Insurance
  11. UOI
  12. India Insurance
  13. Nippon Koa
  14. Tenet Insurance

Comfort Delgro

  1. Chartis Insurance
  2. MSIG
  3. First Capital
  4. NTUC Income
  5. HSBC Insurance
  6. Royal & Sun Alliance
  7. QBE Insurance
  8. AXA
  9. SHC
  10. OAC


  1. Allianz
  2. Aviva

Authorized Workshops Only

  1. EQ Insurance
  2. Lonpac Insurance
  3. Etiqa Insurance
  4. China Insurance

Alternate solution is to go to your trusted workshop. Most established workshops should have access to reporting centres and are able to assist you in writing up your accident statement properly. Hence reduce reporting and waiting time. Depending on the types of claims, they can provide immediate assistance in submitting your claims and provides you with a courtesy vehicle for the duration of the repairs. Taking this route to handle your accident claims have many conveniences as compared to other options, however, one very important point to take note is that one should know or trust the workshop. If the workshop is recommended by someone, remember to read up about them from online sources like car forums or directories to make sure they are not black listed for fraudulence and excessive claims.

Complete VMS Pte Ltd assists thousands of our clients and referrals in properly submitting their accident reports each year. Our main strength lies in comprehensively provides our clients peace of mind in traffic accident related matters. Our experience workshop team restores hundreds of damaged vehicles each month, supplying only original spare parts as a replacement to damaged parts. Our claim team assists our clients from start to the end of any case to ensure our clients are kept aware of the entire process. For more information or assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

*All insurance companies have their own panel of authorized workshops to submit accident reports for their policy holders. IDAC and Comfort Delgro have professional setup for reporting hence we have list them as reporting centre for the respective insurance companies. Authorized workshop only insurance companies means that only policy holders can only goes to their appointed workshops for reporting. For all the above, reporting centre are only meant for reporting and owner have full discretion to choose where they want their repairs to be carried out.*

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