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To further encourage our clients to take up in car camera systems, all our car camera users automatically qualify for our "Accident Rebate Scheme". This scheme rebates the purchased price our clients paid for the car camera when they got into an accident that proves they are not in the wrong. This is just like buying an insurance but get paid if ones need to exercise a claim.

See illustration below

Terms & Conditions

  1. Camera system model, Vehicle number and Mobile number must match registered record in our system as of registration
  2. Liability of the accident must be in favor of our client
  3. Rebate based of purchased price of car camera system
  4. 3rd party claim and repair must be done by Complete VMS Pte Ltd
  5. Rebate will be paid out immediately @ upon undertaking of 3rd party claim and repair
  6. Complete VMS reserved all rights to reject rebate scheme should we find that merit of claim is not favorable
  7. Complete VMS reserved the rights to change and make amendments to this scheme without prior and further notices by any means
  8. Subjected to scheme terms & conditions at the point of claim

Registration Form