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Special Repair Projects

Programming Headlamp Nozzle Spray

Make and Model: Lexus IS200t

Year of Manufacture: 2017
Problems: Headlamp nozzle spray malfunction.
Replacement Power Supply Lines Main Wiring Harness

Make and Model: B.M.W. 530I

Year of Manufacture: 2017
Problems: Customer drove over centre divider & accidentally hit onto his centre chassis causing damage to his power cable.
Honda Civic 1.8L Replace Gearbox Mounting

Make and Model: Honda Civic 1.8L

Year of Manufacture: 2008
Problems: When a transmission mount breaks, stability is lost in the area supported by the broken mount. This loss of stability...
Mercedes E250 Water Pump Leak

Make and Model: Mercedes E250

Year of Manufacture: 2013
Problems: This vehicle is facing a water pump leaking issue.
Nissan Nv350 Air Con Cooling Coil Replacement

Make and Model: Nissan Nv350

Year of Manufacture: 2013
Problems: Air con not cold. To remove & reinstall front dashboard to repair air con cooling coil.
Audi A1 1.4 Air-conditoning system Faulty

Make and Model: Audi A1 1.4

Year of Manufacture: 2011
Problems: Reasons why air con is no producing cold air because due to air con filter clogging , defective thermostat and leaked...

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