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ChannelNewsAsia reported an increase in drivers installing these car camera system to protect themselves against unfair accident claims against them.

Finally, some reputable source is talking about it. We have been trying to promote these systems for almost a year with quite a bit of success to our own clientele, however, promoting to the public has always been a huge challenge. Basically for the fact that we simply do not have the budget to advertise on the main-stream media about it.

These systems are so useful when in the event of an accident that one cannot justify liability clearly. Videos from these car camera system can be used as evidences to prove your case in events like traffic junctions, side to side and carpark accident. Because our business is in accident repair claims, every day we met customers that loses their NCD or have a spike in premium due to these accidents. Most of the increases range about $500.00 to 1000.00

Compared to a good Korean made Complete VMS car camera, ranges from $338.00 – 438.00, it’s cost really is minimum to those that have lost to the increase of motor insurance premium upon renewal. Sad to say, almost all our clients that have installed these systems with us were already victims of these accidents when they decided to go for these systems. We hope more will be aware of the benefits of these car camera systems and invest in these car cameras as they are really the next best thing to a motor insurance. For more information about car camera systems, please visit /car-cam

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