Mercedes Benz manufacturer have chosen vinyl material for some of their console panels and buttons. These material give users and soft touch suede feel to the buttons which is deem luxury to most. However in hot weather like Singapore, these material will disintegrate and become soft and sticky on the surface which attaches dust, dirt and other foreign matters to the buttons and panels. This causes a very dirty and sticky feels to the buttons and panels and are anything but luxury.

A quick check with the authorized agent / dealer, one will get a response to replace the button set or replace the entire panel which were extremely expensive.

To solve this problem, we have a special method to refurbish the clean up the stickiness and restore back to original condition. At a fraction of the price (S$99) instead of replacing the entire button set or panels, we can now get the buttons or panels back to the original condition. Entire process takes 6 – 8 hours and we advise over night curing.

See attached for photos of before and after refurbishment of a 2008 S300 Steering buttons.

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