We are constantly driving on the roads of Singapore without noticing some of the design problems we have in our Singapore Traffic Lights Controller.

One of the most common ones we noted is the following situation. Our cross junction traffic light controller are programmed in this way. Vehicles turning right will have to inch out from the junction and give way to the on coming vehicles from the opposite direction going straight. If there are no vehicles, turning right is allowed. Alternatively, vehicles turning right can wait till the opposite traffic to stop and a green arrow will appear in their direction to proceed to turn right.
In major junction, drivers tends to overlook the opposite direction’s traffic or misjudged the speed of the on coming vehicle and tries to speed across to the right. This is extremely dangerous as there might be motorcyclist or pedestrian crossing at the junction.

In our experience, we have seen so many of these accidents and prior to the popular car camera era, these are difficult to prove of clear liabilites for either parties of the accident. Of course with the mass car camera adoption in recent years, insurers and car owners now has a better protection as claim as these.

Attached is a video of one of client’s encounter for a typical scenario.

Video is captured by a Carpa 11
Mercedes E200
27 Nov 2012

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