Singaporean have the tendency to be complacent when it comes to personnel belongings. Living in one of the safest & lowest crime rate country on the planet does have disadvantages. Our focus is on the cash cards that were conveniently left in our cars – exposed! We believe at least 90% of all car owners left their cash card in their car, and at least 50% do not have a cover over the IU to conceal it. Enticing thieves to work in this area.

One other alternative is to install a dual car camera system with 24 hr surveillance unit add-on.

A dual cam system is a car camera system that equips with 2 cameras. One facing the front and the other facing inwards. With its internal wide angle video, it can capture the side windows area and at the same time records the front screen. Safely tucked behind the rear mirror; it could also serves as a deterrence to any possible vehicle break in.

24 hours surveillance unit add-on is a small device allows the car camera system to run 24/7 without the worry of draining the battery to a point of flat, causing the inconveniences of not able to start the vehicle due to this possible drainage. With several power management options, it can turn off the camera automatically when it detects the battery falls to a certain preset voltage. Ensuring enough power to start the vehicle when needed.

For more information our these system – Dual car camera system