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TOYOTA DYNA 3.0 M Here are the most likely reasons for bad clutch performance, a noisy clutch, or strange behavior by the clutch pedal.

Make and Model:

Year of Manufacture:



Problems faced:

Your car may function poorly: it may start out slowly even though the engine is racing. Or it may be hard to get the car into reverse or into gear at all. Noises may indicate a problem: your clutch pedal may make noise, or your transmission may make noise when the car is in neutral. You may hear squealing or growling when you push the pedal or grinding sounds when you shift gears. The pedal may give you a clue: it may vibrate, chatter, or pulsate, be stiff and hard to push, fall to the floor and stay there, or feel loosely connected or "spongy."

How we fix it?

This needs to be professionally inspected and when our mechanics find the problem, we will replace it. This is a major repair that requires the Gearbox to be removed to overhaul the clutch. We will replace the clutch cover, clutch plate, clutch bearing and clutch oil.

Starting from: S$800.00