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CITROEN BERLINGO 1.6 What are the risks of late oil changes or clogged engines?

Make and Model:

Year of Manufacture:



Problems faced:

-A too low oil pressure -A premature wear of your mechanical parts (turbo, camshaft, pistons, etc) -Engine failure in case of extreme clogging -Formation of a viscous liquid when the condensation mixes with the oil -Engine failure!

How we fix it?

EXPERIENCING SIGNS THAT YOU MAY NEED AN ENGINE OVERHAUL? Engine overhaul refers to the replacement of the parts of the engine and to rebuild the engine for eliminating the occurring problems. This helps to improve the performance of your engine and extend its life. Engine overhaul cost depends on a few factors, including the extensiveness of overhaul chosen. There are a few symptoms which will warn you beforehand that may need an engine overhaul. It is advisable to book an appointment to have your car checked, as these symptoms might lead to intensive damage to your car engine if left unchecked for an extended period of time. The symptoms are as follows: Thumping: The most common symptom a car engine shows when it needs an engine overhaul is the continuous and increasing knocking sound coming from your engine. Misfiring: This symptom occurs because of the loss in compression of the car. The engine starts to miss the combustion cycle. It could also turn out to be caused by your fuel injectors needing cleaning. Excessive fuel consumption: The engine, when in need of an overhaul, starts to consume an excessive amount of fuel. Extreme smoke: Excessive smoke produced by your car engine is another warning sign. Oil sludge: Another common symptom is sludge when you examine your oil stick.