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The dreaded situation while driving – – Traffic Accident! It is a very common issue in Singapore. Although our regulated driving speed is greatly controlled, somehow accidents are so common that the figures are incredible high as compared to the number of cars here in Singapore.
Numbers of reported accident cases range between 150 – 200 daily. So ones should knows what to do if you are involved in a traffic accident. This is especially important to protect your safety and liability towards the accident.

According to General Insurance Association of Singapore GIA, there is a Motor Claims Framework introduce with similar procedures. We have improve the steps with more concise procedures and on top of it we outline common mistakes by drivers involved in an accident. These are very common mistakes we had seen and handled over the years of our operation which we believe GIA will not be able to highlight as it will not be their operational duty to detect these mistakes.

We suggest the process to be in 3 parts.

Part 1.

  1. Stay calm
  2. Ensure everyone is ok in the vehicle
  3. If you can, take a photograph from inside the vehicle out to the area of accident
  4. Ensure you are safe to get down from your vehicle
  5. Bring your camera, pen & paper

Part 2.

  1. Take pictures of the scene of the accident without moving vehicle
  2. Take damages of the other parties
  3. Check if there is any injuries to other parties’ drivers and passengers
  4. Exchange particulars with all parties involved. Priority to get the party you intend to claim against.
  5. Vehicle number is the most important information to get. Best practice is to take a photograph of all parties’ number plates to ensure accuracy.
  6. Arrange for tow services or drive your vehicle to a safe position

Part 3.

  1. Report this accident within 24hrs
  2. If you decides to go direct to your insurance company’s reporting centre, please make sure you check which reporting centre is for your insurance company
  3. Alternatively you can contact your preferred workshop to assist you. Some workshops provides assistance in reporting for all insurance companies
  4. Bring along your IC, driving license, Insurance certificate, all photographs and information
  5. It is preferred you bring along the owner of the vehicle during reporting but this is not necessary
  6. A good reporting centre or workshop will give un-bias advices to you on the best procedure to exercise claim for this accident (3rd party or Own damage)
  7. Seek a second opinion should you have doubts in advices received

Common mistakes

Should you have further doubts about what to do, please feel free to contact us. We are most happy to pass on our knowledge in this industry to you.

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