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One of our customer had sent us an interesting video that he managed to capture with his in car camera. Through us, he wishes to inform fellow drivers to pay extreme attention to similar setup.

I have taken a close look at this video and admits that I do agrees with my customer on his view. Over the years, I have come across a few cases of similar nature. For a long time I have suspected that there are many possible fraudulent accident cases but for the first time, I managed to get my hands on a possible video to cement my thoughts.

Looking at this video from a professional position, i tried to brainstorm a possible solution to advise the rear vehicle on his possible recourse to this accident, however after pondering for a while, I realized that it is almost impossible to have a justified defense on the rear vehicle position. There is no way that any in car camera could have captured any evidence to prove this is a fraudulent staged accident. To further complicate the matter, I do not think that the authorities or the insurance companies have the abilities to be able to contact the driver of the 2nd Malaysian car to investigate even if they suspect this to be a possible fraud.  Drawing from our company’s experience from operating in Malaysia’s claim system, I think it is almost impossible for any variable investigation  to be carried out hence the possibility of similar cases still happening across Singapore, even at the very minute you are reading this.

In my view, there is a way to try to curb this problem for the insurance companies. 1st is to narrow down the accomplices that are operating in Singapore. For a fraud case to work, there must be a company from Singapore submitting the case for the 2nd Malaysia vehicle. If the insurance companies were to pull their data together, I am sure they are able to see a pattern of claims submitted from a few sources. From this information, they can approach the matter from these few entities that are based in Singapore.

Another possible tricky situation is that the claims are submitted through a Malaysian company, However I believe this is quite unlikely as there will be logistic problems like transporting the vehicle back to Malaysia for repair and surveying the vehicle prior to repair as required by the law for motor accident claim in Singapore

I will not go into further details on how to counter these type of problem as this article is meant for motorists to keep their heads up while driving. My advise is to keep a safe distance from any vehicle while hopefully the authorities find a way to put an end to this.

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