A few years back, I wrote a blog on the danger of our unique right turn at traffic junction. To re-cap the situation, in Singapore, motorists are allow to turn right when the on coming traffic is clear. This is particularly dangerous as motorist depends solely on their judgement on the speed of the on coming vehicles. Furthermore, while motorist is focusing on the on-coming traffic, they also have to pay attention to pedestrians crossing on green at the crossing lanes they are turning to. This make this maneuver extremely challenging, especially at night and on busy junction.

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In my blog post a few years ago, I posted a in car camera video of my customer’s encounter. During that time, car camera was at its infancy, I strongly felt that the authority should have review and make changes to the traffic rules around cross junction in Singapore. Aside posing danger to motorists and pedestrians, any accidents due to the right turn collision with on coming travelling straight vehicles, it is exceptionally difficult to proves which vehicle is in the right of way post car camera times. In my course of work, I have encounter too many accidents of this circumstances. So after 6 years from my blog post and countless unfortunate incidents, LTA is finally reviewing this. Though late but it will be beneficial to all road users going forward.

You can read this news of LTA reviews on here at Channelnewsasia

Leonard Chiu

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