Best Front and Rear combo for Car Camera system

With the growing popularity of car camera system in Singapore, many car owners now want more protection by opting for dual camera system. One for the front and one for the rear view recording. These new requests from car owners are quickly addressed by many established distributors of car camera system in Singapore. Distributors now are offering combo options for front and rear camera packages. However there is a dozen of packages available in the market and car owners might not know the best combo for their needs.

Based on my experience, I have noticed many of my customers are confused but the different packages available and most of them usually ask for advises. I have also noticed several customers that didn’t bought their camera system from us, with wrongly setup system. Either under-utilizing the camera’s features or inadequate features for better protections.

Let’s quickly go through the current available car camera system. Here we only talked about the video resolution quality of the camera as this is in my view, the most important features of the car camera. Other functions like GPS, Shock sensors and Motion sensors are nice to have but not really essential.

The market now has 3 different types of resolution quality – Standard Definition (SD), HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p). Not going into the technical details of each resolution provides, in general, under the same light condition, SD video will not be able to see vehicle numbers clearly. HD video will allows clear view of vehicle numbers from 1 car length away and Full HD 2 cars length away.

Coming back to the best dual camera combo is a combo that has HD camera in the front and SD camera for the rear. My argument for this system is because front recording are generally considered more important than the rear. Therefore a HD camera for the front is considered important as most of the time, a good quality video from the front recording can capture many details of an accident.
As for a SD camera for the rear? From most of the accident claims we processed in Complete VMS, I found that rear accident video are usually only important in the event of a driving incident. Therefore the rear camera serves as a backup for the front camera video.
For those that runs 24 hours for their in car camera system, this combo is ideal as more than 90% of Singaporeans parked their cars reverse in, therefore a hit and run at the rear is unlikely.
With this combo, it is the most value for money front & rear car camera system as SD & HD camera system are generally much cheaper than Full HD ones now.
Lastly I will also suggest to choose a separate front and rear camera combo over 2 in 1 system as chances of a full system failure is lower. Replacement for 1 camera is also cheaper and owners can have more memory storage (2 SD cards) than 1 single unit.

So there you have it, a clear choice of type of camera combo if you are thinking of a dual camera system.

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