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Hyundai Avante has been one of the popular korean car in Singapore. Between 2006 ~ 2010, Hyundai Singapore have sold a truck load of this model as this model have provided value for money to many of the buyers, spotting unique design and a futuristic interior. The 1.6 variant, came with a DOHC engine which chine out pretty impressive power and fuel consumption were not far off compared to their Japanese competitors.

For the past year, we have noticed a common fault trend for this particular model. Many of our customers that own an Avante, came to us with complains of the handling of the cars deteriorating and loud knocking sound while turning the steering wheel. The steering wheel also reported to have felt “loose” with a fair bit of free play. The car also tends to steer to one side while driving.

After a few repeat cases, our technicians have diagnosed that most of the cases were problems coming from a faulty steering column. A new steering column replacement cost upward $2000.00 and as most of the Avante’s warranty with the authorised agent are over by now, the agent are not covering this defect.

With the growing number of cases, we decided to looked into this fault in depth. What we found was that we can refurbish the steering column by replacing some of the major parts. Rather than replacing the entire steering column, the problem can be now resolve for a fraction of the cost of a new steering column.

The price for repairing this problem is between $350.00 with turnaround time of 1 working day. We also provide 6 months warranty for the repair work.

Summary of Avante Steering Faults

  • Loud knocking sound while turning the steering wheel
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Car steer to one side while driving
  • Steering wheel felt “loose”
  • Un-stable drive
  • Unusual wear on the front tyres

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