Many love the brand for the excellent drive and the sporty image BMW gives the owners. However as many knows, BMW are plagued with many common problems that at time causes a bit of headache for their owners. Returning to the distributor after the warranty coverage for troubleshooting and repair is one expensive option and many were deterred by the high quotation provided by the distributor.

One of the most common fault is Gearbox failure. These problems come in many forms but the common ones are,

  1. Hard jerk before coming to a complete stop
  2. Error fault message on iDrive and gearbox locked and limited at a certain speed
  3. Unable to start car with a Gearbox failure message
  4. Irregular up-shift down shift of gears.
  5. Loss of power

These fault affects all models across the model range manufactured from 2005 ~ 2010, especially the E-series model. We seen a few F-series reporting with similar fault but the numbers are not significant now.

We are providing full diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair services for these faults. Usual quote for a similar fault from the distributor repair centre will be around $8000 ~ $13000 which is substantial cost to most owners.

At Complete VMS, we provides rectification repairs to these fault at between $2500 ~ $5500 depending on the model and type of faults. The repair includes

  1. Diagnostic and troubleshooting of the problem,
  2. Repairs and replacement of Original BMW gearbox parts,
  3. Gearbox programming and adaptation

After the repairs, all of our client experiences much smoother drive, improved fuel consumption and that original BMW sporty drive that it was meant to be.

If you facing a similar problem, call us at 6455 0012 for a free diagnostic, consultation and quotation.


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