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Vehicle Diagnostic

With the advancement of car technology, many of our cars now run dependently on computers on board. Continental car manufacturers are the leaders in adopting these technology, producing high tech system that are capable of many advance system to the drivers. System like lane changing warnings, intelligent lighting system, collision preventive system and many more of these wonderful and life saving technology are made possible by the computers on the the cars these days.

However, computers can crash for a number of reasons which may cause the car to breakdown. Further to that, maintenance to these cars are not about just changing engine oils or brake pads physically. Many a times, there are electronic sensors to replace in concurrent with the regular servicing schedule. Together with re-programming the on board computer to adapt to the new serviced interval.

These systems are widely adopted by most European car manufacturers, especially the Germans manufacturers. Brands like BMWs, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen have tons of control units that act like mini computers controlling 90% of all aspect of the function of the vehicle.

Although the Japanese and Korean manufacturers are still behind the technology, they are actively catching up with the technology advancement especially with brands like Toyota & Nissan with their high end range, Lexus & Infiniti

At Complete VMS, we invest highly on diagnostic systems to be able to provide dealer level maintenance and repair services to these cars. Our systems are of the highest available specifications in the market usually 6 ~ 12 months behind the latest model of car by the respective manufacturers. Hence giving the ability to troubleshoot, repair & recode any faulty control units or ECU.

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