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There are 2 types of car servicing programs practised in the industry.


Condition based vs Schedule based.


Schedule based maintenance program, determines replacement of parts based on a fixed schedule.
Companies that adopts this method, will have their mechanics follow a schedule to carry out servicing jobs. They base these schedules on mileage clocked by the car. Car owners do not have the options to not carry out the replacements.

They can estimate the budget for maintenance. Chances of breakdown are lesser as parts replacement are more often. There are lesser chances of human errors.

There will be higher maintenance cost as parts will be replace before they are due. The lack of detailed assessments, preventive measures are more difficult.


Condition based maintenance program, determine the need to repair or replace wear and tear parts based on the current condition.
Mechanics will assess the condition and make their recommendations to the car owners. There are 3 types of status from the assessment.

1. Urgent / Critical:- These are parts or repairs that must carry out as they are causing the car to not function or potential danger in further operating the car.
2. Recommended:- These are advice from the mechanic, for replacements and repairs, to ensure safe operation of the car, prolong the usage of the car and enhance the condition of the car.
3. Keep in view (KIV) – These are heads up evaluations that need be to review at during the next regular servicing.

Cost efficient as they replace parts only when they are due. Companies that adopt this method, will have a clear picture of the condition of the car. By recording all assessments, they can propose predictive measures.

There might be higher breakdown rates as mechanics might not assess the condition. Car owners cannot estimate the duration of each service job. There might be higher unexpected cost.


It is the car owner’s choice to decide which maintenance program to adopt. From the technical stand point, it is better to replace parts as often to ensure proper function of the car. However, from the financial stand point, it will be cost efficient to adopt condition base program. Either way, it is more important to choose a reliable workshop to keep up the maintenance program.


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