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The aftermath of the horrific accident – What can the vehicle camera help?

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Sadly, this is the video of the infamous Ferrari accident that happens just days ago. Our company sincere condolences to the families of the innocent deceases.

Being in the accident claim business, we can feel the horror and shock from this accident. Looking at the video, further reinforce our belief in this small little device that cost almost nothing.

We are glad that the taxi next to the victim had a vehicle camera installed and successfully captured this footage.
The video clearly shows that the taxi was in the right of way as the traffic lights were green in their favor. It also shows that the Ferrari driver was driving in absurd speed without the slight indication of stopping before hitting the taxi. The impact was so strong that it completely lifted the taxi off it 4 wheels. From the after impact photos also shows that the taxi’s engine was completely dislodged from the engine bay. The impact was unimaginable.

This video clearly shows that the Ferrari driver was negligent and reckless in the way he was driving. It further gives the families of the innocent deceases the full rights to claim against the driver and the insurance company for the Ferrari without any chance for any denial of liability.

Yes money cannot fully compensate the families of the deceases, but if after all these sadness and shock, the families has to tussle with the insurance company for any compensate is outright painful.

This unfortunate event has clearly demonstrated the importance of the vehicle camera system. We urges all drivers to get themselves an unit (either from us or other retailers,) to protect themselves and their families. You can be a safe driver but not others.

Leonard Chiu

Leonard Chiu
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