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VMS Customer Portal App is LIVE!

VMS Customer Portal App is launched on 9 August 2022 in-conjunction with our Nation 57th Birthday. Traditionally we run a promotion of S$** (years of National Day e.g. S$57.00 this year) for V$100 but this year with the launch of our VMS Customer Portal App, we sweeten the deal further! Sign up to link your current profile to our VMS Customer Portal App and we will credit V$57 to your account (Until end of Aug 2022) or V$18 till end of the year 2022. 

Sign up can only be done by contacting our office at 6455 0012 to request a sign up link to be emailed to you. Only current customers can sign up for an account. For new customers, please consider booking a servicing package to create a customer profile and enjoy the launch promotion. See our premium servicing packages here.

Features of VMS Customer Portal App:

  1. Check your full service history with Complete VMS
  2. View and download past invoices
  3. View and check V$ balance
  4. Purchase V$ directly from the app and balance updates instantly
  5. Check current promotions and purchases
  6. Vehicle details
  7. View and check motor insurance policy (coming soon)
  8. View and download accident reports (coming soon)
Our in-house development team will continue to develop this app. We like to hear from you how we can improve the app. Let us know when you pop by our worshop next time.

For registered customer, please login here.

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