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Accident Repairs & Restorations – Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz S350

Type of Accident: Front to Rear Model: S350 – 2008 Special Note: This car is almost a driving computer. We have to reset & reprogram many of the error alerts after the accident repair. We restall the on board program to factory default.

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Mercedes Benz 280SL Classic

Type of Accident: Major / Minor Road Model: 280SL Classic – 1982 Special Note: There are always difficulty in restoring vintage vehicle as new parts are exceptionally difficult to get. For this beautiful 280SL, it was the chrome parts that poises the task to overcome. We managed to get it

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Mercedes Benz E250

Type of Accident: Chain Collision 2nd Vehicle Model: E250 – 2011 Special Note: Impact of the collision trigger a safety feature of the car by deploying a spring cushion of the head rest. After replacing both the head rest, we have to log into the on board computer to reset

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