Finally, after years the every first in car camera landed in Singapore, the authority now acknowledges the usefulness of these in car camera. Now we need the authorities and the insurance companies to come up with a system to properly govern this matter.

In Car Camera System and Traffic Police article

In Car Camera System and Traffic Police article

Having said that, we think that it is not easy to manage this issue properly.

There are 20+ insurance companies here in Singapore, represented by G.I.A. (General Insurance Authority of Singapore). How influential G.I.A. is and where their positions are on these in car camera systems? What actions G.I.A. is going to take will reflect on their interest on both the consumers & insurers, and not mildly taking interest in the insurers position. Think about it, if Traffic Police were to implement a discount system for any vehicle that has an in car camera. That will be a quite a bit of loss premium in the long run. Of course, it boils down to the fundamental question of “Does having an in car camera make local drivers drive safer?” hence lowering the rate of accident claims. No doubt, with the wide acceptance of in car camera, insurers are finding the process of claim are shorten because liability are quickly established if any parties involved in an accident produces a video to prove their position. This in turn will save time and unnecessary legal cost as compared to the past. But I don’t think Traffic Police is into shortening the claim process.

Proposing a system to make this plan work is a messy issue with many factors to address from the insurers standpoint. A few factors include:

  1. How to ensure that vehicles have their camera installed throughout the entire insured period?
  2. In the event of an accident, it is mandated for the insured to produce a video? Many drivers that know they are in the wrong will simply ignore the existence of video
  3. How does Traffic Police going to enforce the discount system?

To make our road safer, I think Traffic Police can take the initiative to setup a department or sort to review users submitted in car camera videos on reckless and dangerous driving drivers. Review these videos and take appropriate actions accordingly, helps to put extra eyes on the road other than the patrol traffic police officers.

Educating and strong marketing of these cameras to the end users are equally important so that car owners are aware of the existence of these cameras and what are the benefits of installing one of these camera. I noticed that most camera distributors here in Singapore do not have the financial ability and means to do big event marketing to promote these cameras. In this aspect, Traffic Police can consider an awareness campaign to educate drivers to promoting more adoption of these camera systems.

Lastly, I do hope that Traffic Police, G.I.A. and the insurers can come together and work out a system to help motorists to cut cost on the insurance premium and to make our road safer. However it might take a while before any workable system to be implemented.

We at Complete VMS will continue to promote the adoption of these camera systems like what we have been doing for the past 5 years.

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