There is a report in the newspaper today talking about the increase in numbers of road rages in Singapore. Averaging 1 reported case in 4 days is quite a lot for a small country like ours. While it takes long term educating of the public of road courtesy, there are several things one can protect themselves and family for getting into one of these situation.

1. Do not alight to confront anyone even if they started hitting your vehicle. There is no point getting yourselves or your family hurt.

2. Take note of the vehicle details and other important information like venue, time and date while in the safety of the vehicle.

3. Most of us carries a smart phone these days. Take video or photos of the other party in a safe manner as most of the time the situation worsen once the other party knows that you are taking video or photos.

4. After you driven off from the scene, take note if you are being followed by the other party. If so, please drive to a safe place before alighting. A few good locations are petrol station, police station or any other locations that you know there are people around.

5. Lastly install an in car camera system to record the full event leading to the road rage incident. This video evidence can assist you in your possible claim against the other party in the event he or she damage your vehicle or hurt you. For the purpose of road rage, I will suggest a higher resolution camera and if possible a front and rear camera to cover both areas.

For more information about in car camera, please visit here for all the available car camera systems.


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