The newest gadget for our driving community in Singapore – An in-car camera system.
Essentially these cameras work like a video recorder that constantly records while you are driving. With the recorded videos, it serves as evidence in the event of an road accident or other mishaps that requires evidence support. Most of the models available in the market comes with additional features like GPS, motion sensors, time & date stamping and fail safe mechanism. However it is the recording features that should be taken in consideration when choosing a model.

History of Car Camera

No records can be found online on who or when did the first car camera derived. However judging from the timeline we estimated, the first car camera should have surfaced around 5 years ago in South Korea. It was first made for public transport service provider to monitor the driver’s driving performance and also to ensure the safety of the their drivers. The early technology consists of a few pin sized cameras mounted around the vehicle connected to a DVR that serves as a storage. These system were very costly to implement and the take up rate by the public was not high. As the technology evolved, manufacturers started to design single len device that holds a SD card for storage. This greatly reduces the cost and the public begins to pick up this technology. As the popularity of these cameras increases the Chinese begins their mass production low cost invasion of these products, driving down the prices further.

Adoption in Singapore

Right around 3 years ago, we started seeing some car camera brought in by individuals prompted us to explore further into these devices. After much research, we decided to bring in some Korea-made car cameras to our market.

Why did Complete VMS thinks these devices are helpful to the driving community and our customers?

We are in the motor accident claims & repair business for 30 years and everyday in our business we faced customers that are involved in accident that are not clear in liability. In layman terms, it means our customers are not at fault but does not have a 100% chance of claiming from the other party if the other party is not honest about the accident. See examples.
Most of the time, our customers are left with no options but to either claim from their own insurance policy or engage in a lengthy legal tussle with the other party. EIther way, our customers usually ended up losing time and money because of these accident claim. With these car cameras, we hope to provide our customer a future solution for these problems and as we expected, we experience high take up rate when we introduce these systems in the early years. Fast forward 3 years, the market is now flooded with many different models that does the same thing. It can be confusing to choose the correct model to purchase and information in the market are sometime misleading. We decided to compile a comparison list so that drivers can make informed decisions.
Type of car camera systems in the Singapore market

Generally there is only 2 types in the market. Either from Korea or China. There are no clear advantages over the two but each has its pros and cons.

Korean Car Camera China Car Camera
High quality casing, lens and better QC Lower quality
Expensive ($280 ~ $580) Cheap ($50 ~ $250)
Better warranty support Hardly any local support
Constant software updates No known software updates
More options available eg. dual cameras, front & rear system, Full HD Only single SD front facing camera model
No known models with LCD some models have LCD screen option
Fixed mounting option – 3M tape Flexible mounting – Suction cup
No in-built battery Some models with in-built battery
Fail safe function – alarm when no recording No known models with fail safe function

As the above comparison table outlines the general features of both the Korea and China camera system, it make it easier for drivers to decide on which models to choose from.

At Complete VMS, we do not sells China Car Camera as we put trust in the quality and support from the Korea counterpart however, the low prices and purposefully made China system gets our moral support as we think that it is a very useful device to have in every car hence with the low price enable the device to reach the mass market.

Lastly, with the ever escalating motor insurance premium, the cost of these device is hardly more than 30% of what our average car owners are paying for their yearly motor insurance. These devices greatly increase the protection value of your car and family. Therefore the question – Should you get one?
Yes we think you should.

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