Traffic Accident

5 Things NOT to do in a Traffic Accident

In a traffic accident, one can be shock and might be able to react correctly to the things to do at the point of accident. There are many instructions and list of to do during an accident however, we wish to point out the 5 things NOT to do in an accident. These are points that will help you in the later accident reporting and also reduce the complication at a later stage.

  • Do NOT take photos of your own vehicle

We are all told to take photos of the accident however most of us are not aware what photos to take to better our chances in claims. The most important photos to take are photos the other parties vehicle/s. This serve a single important purpose, to prove that there is an accident between you and the other parties. We have encounter many incidents of 3rd party not reporting the accident because the damages were minor or they just refuse to report. With the photos, we can prove the 3rd party involvement hence filing a claim against his insurers. We have also seen many of our clients only taking photos of their own vehicle. Our advise is that photos of the other party is more important as we might not have the chance to see their damages once all parties leave the scene of accident whereas your own vehicle’s damages can always be access at a later time.

  • Do Not argue the right of way at the scene of accident

Yes, Singapore has hot weather but please stay calm in a accident. Do not start an argument over who’s right or wrong as ultimately it will be the insurers to decide who is right or wrong. However if the other party becomes aggressive or abusive over the accident, please ensure your own safety, take a photo of the other party’s vehicle that clearly shows the vehicle registration number and leave the scene quickly. In worst case call the police.

  • Do NOT forget to take note of the other party’s vehicle number

Always always take note of the vehicle registration number. This is the single most important information one need to file a claim. By having the name of the driver, we cannot trace the registration vehicle to that name. This is the most common mistake by far we seen. And please take down the number correctly. In the midst of the chaos, it is easy to miss a number or alphabet therefore we always advise to take a photo of the vehicle registration plate.

  • Do NOT allow your vehicle to be towed away by strangers

There are many tow operators or free-lance sales people (from the workshops) that prowl the streets looking for accidents. These people will approach drivers involved in an accident and offered their services to repair and assist to submit claims. We wouldn’t say what they are doing is wrong but in general, usually we do not advise to hand over your vehicle to someone you do not know. But having said that, they can be helpful at time to motorists that do not have any means to remove their damaged vehicles. Their services come in quite helpful at time. However we still advise against to avoid future mis-understandings, therefore contacting our own preferred workshop to render assistance is still a better choice.

  • Do NOT acknowledge your fault in anyway especially signing on any documents

Do not admit it is your mistake or fault immediately after the accident as you might NOT understand your rights well enough to commit. As much as you think it is, please refrain from acknowledging or signing on any documents on the spot. You have your rights not to, therefore do not be intimidated by the other party into admission. Even if any police officer is at the scene, do not commit or give any written or verbal statement. If the traffic police is to issue you a summon or notice, just accept it and hand it to your workshop or insurer for further advises. A subsequent police report can be made at a later date. By not committing, you give your selfa chance to contest on any claim that might be filed against you.

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