• Excellent thermal & oxidation stability.
  • Outstanding high sheer high temperature performance.
  • Reduce oil consumption through viscosity retention .
  • Excellent low temperature capabilities enhancing quick start.
  • Made in Singapore
  • 10,000km cycle

Price: S$108.00

(inclusive of Labor & Oil Filter)
(5 points check include: battery, radiator, brake, air filter & all fiulds)

6455 0012

AVIVO API SM/CF SAE 5W40 Fully Synthetic


AVIVO 5W40 Engine Oil is designed with the latest additives which exceeds industry\’s toughest standards and outperforms all conventional oils. It is engineered to maximize engine life by controlling deposits and protecting against wear under severe service conditions.

Recommended for all types of modern vehicles including high performance turbo-charged and super-charged passenger car, SUV and vans.

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