At Complete VMS, we choose our lubricant suppliers carefully. On an average, we review and re-nominate our supplier every 2 years to ensure that we provide the best available servicing packages for our customers.
Lubricants are like bloodline to a car. Use the top quality lubricant ensures that your car runs smoothly and prolong it’s usability.

Avivo 5W40

S$108004 litres
  • Made in Singapore
  • Fully Synthetic
  • Economical Price
  • Similar Quality as Premium

Lexus Motor Oil

S$128004 litres
  • Lexus Approved Oil
  • Smoother & Quieter Engine
  • Low Friction
  • 100% Virgin Based Oil

Esso Mobil 1

S$168004 litres
  • Enable Long & Clean Engine
  • Anti-Oxidants
  • High Performance Basestock
  • Wide viscosity grade

Shell Helix Ultra

S$168004 litres
  • Active Cleansing Tech
  • Long Oxidation Stability
  • Low Viscoity, High Flow
  • Minimises Vibration & Noise

*Price above inclusive of 5 points check, labour & GST