1 x 100ml bottle of hand sanitizer

5 x Surgical Masks

Combat Covid-19 Promo

  • 5x as effective at removing sludge as mineral oils.

  • Offers up to 30% more protection than other synthetic leading brands tested.

  • Greater fuel efficiency and easier cold starting.

  • Maintains viscosity and stays in grade throughout the oil change interval.

  • Reduces oil volatility and therefore oil consumption and the need to top up.

  • Shell’s maximum performance for your car

Combat Covid-19
(Free 1 x 100ml hand sanitizer & 5 x Surgical Masks)
Promo Price:
S$108.00* (4Litres)

S$168.00** (6Litres)

(While stocks last)
(subject to GST)
(inclusive of Labor & Oil Filter)
(5 points check include: battery, radiator, brake, air-con & powering steering fiuld)
*For most below 2000cc engine non Continental models
**For most above 2000cc engine Continental models 

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