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Hyundai Avante Steering Problem

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Hyundai Avante has been one of the popular korean car in Singapore. Between 2006 ~ 2010, Hyundai Singapore have sold a truck […]

BMW Gearbox Problems

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Many love the brand for the excellent drive and the sporty […]

E66 BMW 730Li Parking Brake Failure

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The E66 BMW 730Li has a few common problems. One of them is the Parking Brake Failure error. When this occurs, whenever the park brake is engaged, you […]

Mercedes Benz Sticky Buttons / Panels Problems

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Mercedes Benz manufacturer have chosen vinyl material for some of their […]

Lexus IS250 Cluster Meter Needle Problem

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IS250 Needle Faulty

This effects 2006 – 2010 Lexus IS250 instrument meter cluster’s […]