COE – Cars stock market!

A piece of paper entitlement that cost more than most cars

Our view of the COE Prices April 2012

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Let’s talk about the COE price in the first bidding in Apr 2012. It just broke through the roof for Open & Category B classes.

In Dec 2010, I […]

Less than expected cut in COE quota!

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LTA have just announced COE quota for Feb – June 2011 and surprising they reduced the quota by just 3% which translate to about 695 making monthly total […]

1st COE bidding of 2011

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Lack lusted bidding for the 1st COE bidding of the year. Reports from our contacts are the several showrooms indicates that new cars sales have been very slow. […]

COE just broke through the roof!!

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$76,102.00 for a Cat B (1600cc above) is something i thought i will not see. Thinking back 18 months ago, we were offered by Borneo Motors (Toyota) a […]