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Best Front and Rear combo for Car Camera system

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With the growing popularity of car camera system in Singapore, many car owners now want more protection by opting for dual camera system. One for the front and […]

Insurance Authorized Workshops

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The yes and no of Insurance Companies Appointed Authorized Workshops.

Many motorists depend greatly on the list of Authorized Workshops provided by their insurance company in the event of […]

Car Camera – Should you get one?

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The newest gadget for our driving community in Singapore – An in-car camera system.
Essentially these cameras work like a video recorder that constantly records while you are driving. […]

5 Ways to faster & cheaper motor insurance renewal

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All car owners have to go through this mind-boggling errand once a year. Some of them simply renew with their current insurer as the insurer sends them a […]

Cashcard Thief Nabbed!!

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Singaporean have the tendency to be complacent when it comes to personnel belongings. Living in one of the safest & lowest crime rate country on the planet does […]

More Car Camera Systems on the road

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ChannelNewsAsia reported an increase in drivers installing these car camera system to protect themselves against unfair accident claims against them.

Finally, some reputable source is talking about it. We […]