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The importance of a Car Camera System

What a close shave yesterday @ a minor road cross junction. On my way back home, I stopped my car at the junction as it were red. Green, I moved… All the sudden I saw this car on my left speeding toward the junction without the slightest intention to stop. I immediately sounded out my horn, and he applied emergency braking which stopped in time… My goodness that was close! Yes I do have a car camera on board and very sure I was in the right but still it is no joke.

Imagine not having a car camera??!! Should the accident took place, both cars were going straight, there were no traffic cameras, and unless someone was there to be a witness, it is going to be a tough case to proof if the other party wasnt honest. So guys, heading straight to our camera page and pick one and safe guard yourself.

B. Regards,
Leonard Chiu
Sales Manager – Complete VMS Pte Ltd

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